How to Colon Cleanse by Detoxing

Need a colon cleanse? Have you been feeling ‘sluggish’ lately? Tummy feeling a bit off? Your bodies and especially your colons get clogged up if your diet consists of fried food, caffeine, sugar, processed food, in other words, a modern diet. Perhaps then it’s time for your colon to have a ‘spring clean’! Now you are asking yourself – how can I spring clean my colon? The answer is simple:- a detox.

Spring cleaning your colon with a colon cleanse two or three times a year offers your body an opportunity to clean out the poisons of modern day living. Your liver, kidneys, blood and especially your colon become rejuvenated and function at their optimum level. This increases the prospect of having a longer life as your body is fitter, healthier and happier.

The most important thing to remember is that you are ‘cleaning your colon’ and dumping the rubbish in the ‘bin’ – the toilet. Always ensure that you follow the instructions precisely for best results, and stay near a toilet! Don’t be embarrassed, this is exactly the results you want. You will feel so much healthier, energised, fresh, full of life and ‘cleaner’!

slice lemon in glassThere are also many books and articles written and published about colon cleansing and detoxing. One of the most popular is the Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing’ e-book which discloses a ‘stunningly simple secret’ for cleansing your colon by Shanthi Immanuel. Her e-book has loads and loads of information about how to eradicate or ease the symptoms of constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Bowel Cancer which can and often makes life so hard. Don Hutson of Ohio actually sent a testimonial only 3 days after receiving the e-book! Over 1 billion people have used the method. What can you say! These are some recommendations!

Theresa Cheung has written one specifically about the Lemon Juice Diet which is very popular and comprehensive. She offers an effective and safe way, using lemon juice, to detoxify, reduce cholesterol, lower blood sugar and increase your levels of immunity and brain function. (Something we all definitely need to keep up with modern society). Of course, I have only mentioned a few of the benefits she advocates so I recommend strongly that you have a look at her book, there is so much, much more. It is a wonderful source of information that you will use it time and time again.

So go on, do it! What have you to loose!!!! I know, lots and lots of ‘rubbish’ that is fermenting in your colon, in your body. A detox two or three times a year will change your life. ‘Stand the pain and live the gain’ I wish you well and know that you will begin a life of perfect health and happiness.

A note of warning: Please seek medical advice from your General Practitioner prior to starting any detoxing programme.

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