Want To know More About The Weigh Loss Power Of Lemons?

Can a lemon be my carbs to go with my meal?

You are allowed to have some lemon juice on induction. (2-3tbs) Please make sure to check over those rules again. It is sort of hidden under the information about what you can drink if I remember correctly You must count the carbs towards your total carbs of the day. But you still can and … My meal is roughly 10 net Carbs! Does that mean I should eat 2 times a day? By Sigrino in forum Atkins Diet 14-day Induction. Replies: 16. Last Post: March 28th, 2010, 09:12 PM …

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Add a splash of lemon juice and cayenne pepper is hot for the full effect of detoxification. 4. Eat five small meals a day. a. 2 eggs for breakfast. b. 2 ounces of meat or fish four times a day. 5. Be aware what your body tells you. …

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